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All Nursing Health Service Inc provides professional post hospitalization wound care in the comfort of your home. Wound care can be extremely complicated and risky if performed by unprofessional. To get professional wound care treatment give us a call at All Nursing Health Services Inc. We offer trained wound care nurses to provide the best wound care possible. Wound care services in Vancouver BC is provided by trained registered nurse.

 Our wound care package includes a range of customization services. You can opt to choose for additional services apart from wound care such as housekeeping as well as running quick errands. Our care-giving services not only includes wound care but also includes picking up groceries, refilling medicines and keeping track of follow up medications and appointments. We take care of physically challenging work that the patients are unable to perform. Our caregivers are extremely compassionate and provide physical and mental support. They help the patient to recover from traumatic accidents by provoking positive thought process.

 Physical assistance provided to the patient includes bathing and grooming, eating and other day to day activities. We help the patient keep up the recommended fitness regime while ensuring that they do not over-strain themselves. Our caregiver also prepares nutritious meals to ensure a balanced diet which promotes faster healing. Care is taken to prepare meals as per physician’s recommendation. By opting for our wound nurse care you can reduce the risk of readmission to the hospitals, since statistics show that most wound related readmission occurs due to improper wound care and over exertion due to lack of support. Our caregiver”s main objective is to speed up the recovery time and help the patients.

At All Nursing Health Services Inc we are a bonded and insured home care agency that provides wound nursing care to client. We also provide complementary free of charge visit by an RN (registered nurse) to our clients.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to somebody about wound care services, please call us at (604 488 9323) or email us at info@allnursing.ca

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