Our Services

 All Nursing Health Services Inc provides Private Nursing Care, Personal Care, Companion, Homemaking, Live-in caregiver, Nannies, Respite Care, Palliative Care, Dementia/ Alzheimer Care, IV, Foot Care, Wound Care, Post Surgery Care, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services at great low rates.

Care Aides:

All of our care aides are Canadian trained and certified. They are a caring member of our team who can assist with bathing, feeding, transferring and dressing. They can also care for incontinent individuals.

Homemaking & Housekeeping Services:

Our Homemakers/ Housekeepers are experienced and friendly and can assist you with tasks such as laundry, preparing light meals, shopping and housekeeping.

Companions/ Sitters/ Escort:

Our Companions are friendly and caring who can accompany you for walk, shopping or doctor’s appointments. They can also feed if client is not at high risk of choking.

Live-in Caregivers:

Our live-in staff are compassionate and caring. They provide a variety of services.

Nursing Services:

Our RNs and LPNs provide a wide range of nursing care services; such as assessment, medication administration, IV care, wound care, and palliative care services, etc. All of our registered nurses have practicing membership from CRNABC.


Our rehabilitation staff will provide services to enhance the mobility. This service is ideal for post stroke and post hip replacements.

Please note that taxes will be added to non nursing services.

Statutory holidays are charged at the rate of time and a half as per labour law.

Invoice will be sent to you twice a month.

Rates are subject to change.

Please read below notes before our initial visit.

We look at the whole picture when arranging care. The client’s health status is first and foremost, but there are resources available to the client to help keep them on track? There are many, many questions and each client has their own specific needs:

Does the client have a family member available to help tidy up at home and do the grocery shopping or will we need to take care of these things? Is there a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions (possibly outdated) and over the counter medicin that needs to be reviewed by a pharmacist ? What about mobility aids? Would the client benefit from having them, who will arrange for them? Are there any unsafe conditions at home – a client who smokes in bed (unsafe in itself) and no smoke detectors, loose carpets, steep stairways, etc. What kind of physiotherapy is possible, and has it been put in place? Who will be helping the client follow through on the physiotherapy regime and what happens if the client has a setback? What happens if the client falls at night and no one is home? Is the Doctor involved up to date with respect to the latest medications and treatments for the client’s condition? Often our RN’s are more current than family physicians about the latest drugs and treatments for the elderly because they work with them every day.

Nursing Care