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Palliative Care Nursing Services in Vancouver BC

There can be nothing better for terminally ill individuals or loved ones in their final days than to be present in the familiarity and comfort of their homes. The best last days are those that are spent in their own room, surrounded with family and possessions that have been acquired throughout their lives. All Nursing Health Services Inc provides palliative care nursing services in Vancouver, BC.  You will be assigned to a compassionate caregiver who is kind and understanding and is able to provide the best care to your loved one in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our nurses are able to coordinate the care between the physicians and the family members to ensure that the client is feeling as comfortable as possible.

 Every human being wishes to live and die with dignity and our caregivers try to provide as much of it as possible in their final days. Our caregivers undergo training for palliative nursing care whereby they learn to give utmost care and attention to the patient’s safety and comfort. They also provide regular updates about the mental and physical condition of the patient to the doctor as well as the family. Our nurses also perform periphery duties including household chores such as laundry and dishes and other day to day work to allow the family members more time with the loved ones.

 Our caregivers are well mannered and well trained and blend into the happenings at home facilitating smooth functioning of day to day life. Our care package includes personal care, medication administration, preparation of nutritious meals and other small errands. Our most invaluable service is our caregiver’s presence at home when none of the family members are around to take care of your loved one. Our palliative nursing care in Vancouver area allows you to have the peace of mind of providing the most peaceful and comfortable final days to your loved one. Our flexible care packages allow you to opt for either hourly or long term live-in care at affordable prices in Vancouver. With your loved ones taken care of by our expert nurses you can have the utmost peace of mind.

 At All Nursing Health Services Inc, we provide round the clock dignified palliative care services that are needed to ensure maximum comfort and peace. We also provide complementary free of charge visit by an RN (registered nurse) to our clients.

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Palliative care nursing services in Vancouver