Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, value- added, one stop home and institutional health care services at great low rates. Services include individual nursing, home support, rehabilitation, housekeeping as well as facility operation expertise. Services are delivered by qualified emphatic health care professionals.

Corporate philosophy

Much research and study has demonstrated that having the independence of staying at home while accessing and having health care services provided in the home is the best way for people to remain and sustain longer quality lifestyles.

We believe that by fostering and encouraging autonomy and independence, people of all ages and with all kinds of health issues and health care needs (short and long term), will continue to lead quality life style well into their senior years.

We also believe that people like to have a choice in what health care services they need and when in terms of timeliness as well as easy access to obtaining quality trustworthy services and where those services are best administered, namely in the home.


Corporate Vision

All Nursing Health Services Inc envisions providing a one stop shop. A place where people who are in need of and/ or who are seeking health care services, can find what they need for any level of health care requirement…..services that will be administered and delivered to them in their own home.

In addition, All Nursing Health Services Inc envisions providing consultancy services to the more traditional health facilities in terms of efficient and effective operations that in return best serve the resident health care participants who reside in those facilities.

All Nursing Health Services Inc’s vision is to build a company that engages the services of health care professionals who are responsible and committed to providing the best of health care to recipients in a caring and emphatic way that embraces and encourages family, public and private organizational partnerships.

Mission and Vision - All Nursing Health Services Inc