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Dementia Care Services in Vancouver BC

Caring for love ones with dementia can be quite difficult in today’s busy world. But experts from around the world agree that there is no better dementia care than the one provided at home. For all those who wish to receive specialized home care, we at All Nursing Health Services Inc offer you qualified nursing services. We offer customized hourly and live-in home care services to suit all your needs. Our customized care plans allow you to choose the type of care schedule that suits you the best, be it a few hours a day while you need to step out or round the clock care, we provide it all.

Our dementia care nurse in Vancouver, British Columbia undergoes special training before being sent to your homes. Our live in caregivers are aware of the specific needs of the dementia patients such as the need to be supervised even with the simple day to day activities so that they can be helped in case of sudden crisis. All dementia patients have good days and bad days and we train our caregivers to handle both efficiently. Our caregivers can be caring and engaging on the good days, providing them with the all the activities of normal life which can be extremely stabilizing to the patient’s emotional health. On the bad days our caregivers creates a safe environment and helps the patients feel at ease to reduce hostile behavior.

Our care packages are designed in a way that promotes independent healthy living with the support of our nurses and caregivers. The customized care package ensures that the care plan is in accordance with patient’s level of dependence and their cognitive status. The nurses are pleasing and compassionate which lets you have the peace of mind of providing the best care that you can. We encourage the caregivers to provide holistic care to the clients by stimulating them with physically, mentally and socially engaging tasks and thus providing a high quality life. With our flexible care plans we hope to fulfill all your needs for home dementia care in Vancouver, BC.

At All Nursing Health Services Inc we provides round the clock care to Alzheimer client. We also provide complementary free of charge visit by an RN (registered nurse) to our clients.

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Dementia care in Vancouver