Alzheimer Care Services in Vancouver

Alzheimer Care Services in Vancouver BC

Caring for clients with Alzheimer is not an easy task. Individuals suffering from Alzheimer require 24/7 personal care as well as a great deal of patience from the caregiver. Families that care for individual’s suffering from Alzheimer find it extremely difficult to care for them as they are busy with their work life and are not able to devote adequate time to take personal care of the suffering person. Nurses and caregivers at All Nursing Health Services Inc provide high quality Alzheimer care services in Vancouver BC. They are ready to provide assistance. We have a team of experienced registered nurses who are highly competent and capable of handling patients with any stage of Alzheimer in the greater Vancouver of British Columbia. Our caregivers are given specialized training on how to handle such individuals. We know that Alzheimer is a debilitating disease that takes a toll not just on physical well being but also on mental health of the individuals. With years of experience our nurses can help the patients and families cope with the illness and come to terms with it with the least mental trauma.

 As Alzheimer care is highly challenging we evaluate the caregiver that we assign to such clients in terms of their physical and mental fitness. We also assess their capability to measure and handle the patient. Since caring for individuals that are suffering Alzheimer is extremely stressful, we make it a priority that our caregiver understands the emotional aspect of the care giving process. We make sure that we assign such patients to our most compassionate, intuitive and experience caregivers to provide them with a heightened sense of well-being and total comfort. Furthermore we collaborate with their physician, social workers, pharmacist, and other member of the health care team. We also work closely with the government agencies.

 Since Alzheimer is typically a long term illness, we provide you with reasonably priced packages as well as easy to use services and personalized home care services. By opting for us you can be sure that your loved one is getting the best care in the comfort and familiarity of their homes as if it were from a member of the family. This would be your best way of showing affection and a sense of belonging to the individual’s suffering from Alzheimer as they generally tend to feel alienated and depressed if put into care homes. So if you ever feel that you are unable to be there for your loved one at any point, contact us at our Vancouver office so that we can be there for them.

At All Nursing Health Services Inc, we provides round the clock care to Alzheimer client. We also provide complementary free of charge visit by an RN (registered nurse) to our clients.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to somebody about Alzheimer care, please call us at (604 488 9323) or email us at

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